Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Large-Capacity Trash Can

If you’re running a business that is near a bunch of stalls, food court, or the like, you would be well-advised to invest in a large-capacity trash can. The alternatives are a bunch of small-capacity trash cans, which will clutter up valuable space, or trash everywhere which is a hygiene disaster. You can spend basically whatever you want on these, from $100 to $600, and they all do the job you need them to do. They come in a variety of materials, from standard plastic to shiny aluminium, so you’re spoiled for choice when choosing a large capacity trash can.

The Wood Trash Can

Wood trash cans bring a rustic theme to your interior design, which works particularly well for a holiday house, child’s room, or other deliberately kitsch area. Some of these trash cans are hand-carved by Amish artisans, coming in a range of sizes. Others fill the kitsch theme with aplomb by having things like names and pictures printed on the outside. Either way, if this is the look you’re after, a wood trash can can fill it in a variety of ways. A definite positive of a wood trash can is that its heavier than a plastic one. This means that if you use one outside it is less likely to fall over in a strong wind, which, as everyone knows from at least one personal experience, is a truly awful thing to wake up to.

The Infrared Trash Can

If you want a truly Jetsons-esque trashcan, or you just can’t bear the thought of your hand going anywhere near your refuse, buy yourself an infrared trash can. These trash cans detect your hand a few inches away and automatically open. They look futuristic and keep your hands clean; they’re also much less obtrusive than the standard foot pedal-activated trash cans. They’re great for around the home or in a setting like a doctor’s or dentist’s office where biohazardous materials are dealt with and putting your hands amongst them really is a matter of life and death.

The Collapsible Trash Can

Collapsible trash cans are affordable and convenient for your mobile trash needs, which are more common than you might expect. You may be camping, you may be at you child’s soccer game, or it may be Christmas morning and you don’t want to further mar your rug by putting the gross kitchen trash can on it. Collapsible trash cans are rarely used but when they are they are invaluable. What’s more, they only cost around $20, so there’s really no excuse not to have one lying around your linen closet or under your sink.

Trash can: ash tray

Ashtrays are a pivotal part of any business. Without them, you run the risk of having smokers drop their butts on the ground, which will very quickly collect into an unsightly mess, making your walkway and front door look like something out of Skid Row. You could clean these up all the time, but a far more efficient use of time and money is by buying an ashtray. These come in a variety of forms, the most notable of which are the classy smokers’ post, the utilitarian wall-mounted urn, or the economical combined trash can and ashtray. With so many options at such a range of prices, it’s almost criminal not to get one.